Emil Novakov

Telecom Engineer and Webdesigner

My idea of today's engineer in 5 points:
✔ curious and ambitious
✔ able to adapt quickly to new environments
✔ aware of the synergy between business and technology
✔ open and broad-minded
✔ meticulous and well organized



Voice2Home: Tell your home what to do for you! more ...

1st place of the Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC) 2011. Category: Cloud-2-Home

April 2011
The CIC (http://www.cic.gatech.edu) is a yearly innovation competition organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology and several industrial parners. The Cloud-2-Home category is sponsored by Hitachi and Cisco, and is focused on applications and services which connect devices within the home to cloud based services.
The objective of our project Voice2Home was to build a service platform based on the OSGI design pattern in order to provide next-generation home automation systems to the users. Our system relied on voice-triggered commands via a simple mobile phone to send commands remotely to the home ("Turn AC off", "Verify if iron off", ...).
Prize delivered by Hitachi's CTO.

FASTEO: a mobile app for killing queues in fast-foods more ...

Co-winner of the Challenge Entrepreneur 2009 organized by Télécom Sudparis and the French Ministry of Finance

June 2009
The "Challenge entreprendre 2009" was an innovation competition (64 teams) organized by the French Ministry of Finance and the Telecom Institute.
Prize delivered by the french Minister of Finance Mrs Lagarde.
Our business plan and prototype reached also the final of the "Innovons Ensemble 2009" competition (top 5 of 100 projects) and received excellent feedback from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Webdesign Portfolio


Online advertisement platform for jet services and private ads


Web site and back-office of the Parisian "Ile Maurice Voyages" travel agency


Community for Apple users and fanboys (personal project, under development).

Georgia Tech

SocialTorrent: a Secured Peer-to-Peer Social Network

Class: Internet Applications and Services

Group project

UDDI Server Implementation for CONNECT opensource

Class: Health IT

Group project

Short-range Localization with Zigbee Sensor Nodes

Class: Sensor Networks

Group project

Mobile IP security

Class: Network security

Group project
Mobile IP Security

Trellis-coded modulation - Applications and Simulation

Class: Coding Theory and Applications

Group project
Trellis-coded modulation - Applications and Simulation

Next Generation WDM-based Passive Optical Networks

Class: Fiber Optic Networks

Group project
Next Generation WDM-based Passive Optical Network

Single-photon Detectors for Quantum Cryptography Systems

Class: Security of Quantum Information

Personal project
Solid-state Single Photon Detectors for Quantum Cryptography Systems


Decision algorithms for handling the 3G/IEEE 802.11 handover

Master's final project